Risk Mgmt

Claims Overview and Resolutions

Assists with negotiations and resolutions of claims, proposal review and evaluation, claims audits, compliance of contracts and insurance requirements. We can provide leadership and resources to assist you in navigating through your claims to identify ways to mitigate exposures.

Physician / Medical Offices

Works with medical organizations and physicians to assist your organization with obtaining medical reports and work statuses to move your claims to conclusion.

Essential Function Job Analyses (EFJA)

Develops Essential Function Job Analyses (EFJA) which are very necessary in expediting your return to work program. Our EFJA’s will clearly define the essential functions of your positions of employment so decisions can be made pertaining to your RTW (Return to Work) decisions.

Return to Work (RTW) Program

Our Return To Work Program (RTW) is a benefit not only to the Injured/Ill Employee but to the Employer as well.  The Return To Work Program was developed to provide the Injured/Ill Employee the opportunity to recuperate from their incident/illness while being productive in a temporary-transitional position of employment either in their department or an alternative position.  The Injured/Ill Employee will be provided job requirements/assignments that are within the work restrictions that are deemed necessary by their treating physician. The Injured/Ill Employee’s job classification will be considered when their work restrictions are provided, and a temporary-transitional position of employment is being identified.  There may be times when, based on their work restrictions, that an employee may not be able to return to work until their medical condition improves.  The time frames for the RTW Program will be identified prior to the commencement of this program.  During the employee’s participation in the RTW Program, their progress is monitored, and reports are provided to the pertinent parties.

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Facilitates the Interactive Process/Accommodation Meeting by serving as an outside element in identifying what is necessary for a return to work and what may/may not be available to your injured/ill staff members. We can assist you with compliance issues, so you are not exposed to potential DFEHA and ADA actions.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Works with you and your staff to manage the potential of injuries by identifying factors in the work place that may/could cause injuries and present resolutions to further losses. We offer on-site training and resolutions to injuries and loss control.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We work with your Unions and Management to bring them together for identifying and delivering benefits to your Injured Employees without additional delays; which allows them to return to work without extended TD/ medical costs.

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